Organization Succession Planning

“We were faced with a situation where several members of the top team were likely candidates to replace me as CEO. We didn’t want to lose any of them and we wanted the team to function even more effectively after the appointment. Leadership Partners worked with us to develop an approach that enabled both to happen.
Bill Mooney, CEO Thompson Tractor

Organization succession planning is a
well-understood necessity, however approaches to and the impact of succession planning vary greatly. In our opinion, organization succession planning concerns not just the person to be replaced, but also the entire team to be impacted. Creating trust and respect among the impacted team provides far smoother transitions and develops the capacity for effectively raising and resolving the different issues that occur so as to sustain rather than lose momentum.

Leadership Partners’ “entire team” approach to succession planning requires the following steps, whether concerning a large corporation succession planning or succession planning for small business:

A.) Profile and screen several external or internal candidates for the job

B.) Profile and screen the impacted team as the successful candidate must meet two criteria:

1.)they must possess the technical expertise for success (functional role)
2.)their “team role” or how their personal attributes affect the team’s overall ability to work effectively must add to the group’s capacity to meet anticipated changes in their business, the market, competition, etc…, and

C.) Complete team building with the impacted team so that regardless of who the successful candidate is, team members understand the decision, are committed to it and are ready to move the organization forward

Download our case study on the impact of succession planning:

Create a culture to reach the company’s full potential through succession planning.