Strategic Planning and Organization Culture

“Leadership Partners helped identify, transition and develop a new CEO after the unanticipated death of the founder. The senior group emerged as a well integrated team of skilled leaders committed to working effectively with all levels of the company. Over the next 7 years the net worth of the company increased by 500%.
Richard Casio, CEO, TriCon Metals

We specialize in strategic planning 
and organization culture design that involves teams at a number of levels so as to create the broadest buy-in and understanding. We provide extensive pre-work that allows people to make an extensive analysis of the future, as well as what is currently happening within the industry. We believe with this understanding, that the people involved can make well informed decisions to which they are mightily committed.

Our planning horizon is one to three years and focuses on strategy implementation rather than just strategy. Yes, we believe strategy is important, but we believe that results on the strategy are more important and that there is nothing more frustrating than a well developed strategy that stays neatly on the shelf. We believe that strategy should be used in making day-to-day business decisions, in other words, questions like, “How does that fit our strategy regarding X?” and if not, “Is it something we need to be doing?” should be asked on a regular basis and used to evaluate all proposed changes at all levels.

Given the above, we work with companies to create a living strategy that is meaningful, modifiable when indications suggest, committed to at all levels and useful in making the business successful on an ongoing basis.

Download our case study to illuminate the possibilities of Strategic Planning.