Special Purpose Teams

“We devised creative teams to generate new products. While the products were creative, too few ideas were being generated. Leadership Partners helped us create teams that were not only intelligent and creative, but also productive. Their tools and ability for constructing teams that were both creative and productive were right on the mark.
Chief of Research for a Leading Electronics Firm

There are occasions where special purpose teams are
required. During creation, the team building approach outlined above enables team members to work most effectively together.  Additional steps for team success include profiling all team members to ensure that all of the necessary personal/individual attributes are present to successfully complete specific tasks or project requirements.

Our techniques are based on 20 years of research at Cambridge University on the individual attributes that must be present in a team if it is to be consistently successful in meeting specific challenges. “We know how to construct the teams and how to make them work.”

Download our case study to illuminate the possibilities of special purpose team creation.