Executive Profiling and Assessment

“We have called on Leadership Partners concerning the unique challenges faced by the top executives at our most valued clients. Their Development Profiles and 360° Interview Assessments provide keen personal insights and practical actions for addressing the toughest leadership issues.”
Senior Managing Partner at one of the foremost Strategy Implementation Consultancies

Our Executive Profiling and Assessments, based on 20+
years of individual, team and organization research at Cambridge University, have been identified as industry leading, and validated to predict potential. Our extraordinary assessments documents provide a most comprehensive review not only of current leadership capability but also future potential. The process is designed to be robust and combines some of the very best ability and personality measures available. Leadership Partners’ combination of measures is unique in the profiling industry. Our intellectual ability profiling system is one of the most powerful available in terms of providing insights into individual potential. Furthermore, it incorporates an objective assessment of personal style that cannot be faked or distorted, providing a cross-check for self report personality questionnaires.

Unlike other profiling systems, our system goes beyond simply identifying essential strengths and weaknesses to distinguishing the Key Factors critical to attaining  individual and team potential. Key Factors must be managed if individuals and teams are to fully access their strengths and manage the impact of their weakness.

Plans to effectively address Key Factors are the key to fully understanding and capitalizing upon one’s unique potential and therefore, one’s true capability for success.    Profiles can be used as a single tool or as the basis for many of the other services we offer including team building, reaching conflict resolution, strategy teams, and succession planning.

Expanding on the individual profile, we offer extensive coaching to individuals.  This coaching involves developing an individual plan for maximizing individual impact on others, teams and the overall organization.

To obtain an actual assessment as a sample please contact our office.

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