Organization Culture Solutions

“I thought all consultants were full of it. But Leadership Partners is different… With their help we went from middle of the pack to top 5 on all key economic indicators for our industry. Simultaneously, an independent consultancy found that we had the highest levels of collaboration they had ever recorded.”
Frank Warren, CEO, The Rogers Group

“The output of all of Leadership Partners’ individual coaching and action plans are targeted areas of improvement with specific measures.”
Dan Recter, the Roger’s Group Investments

Each of the steps of organization culture solutions
outlined below is discussed in detail elsewhere on this website. Combining these steps/services, as required by the unique dynamics of particular organizations, results in an integrated approach to organization change. Both culture assessment and culture change begin with our Leadership Workshop. After the Leadership Workshop, steps 2, 3 and 4 are also implemented. Our approach beyond this is customized to accommodate the unique characteristics of different organizations.

Step 1 Leadership Workshops: Leadership Workshops expose various levels of management to the fundamentals of effective organization culture so that employees at critical levels can collectively commit to a common way of leading, and to an organization culture that delivers regarding both people and results.

Step 2 Team Building: The principles of leadership and organization and team dynamics acquired in step 1 are applied to increase the functioning of various intact teams, beginning with the top team. This is where the power for change resides.

Step 3 Enhancing Culture at the Interface (Reaching Conflict Resolution):
A special design to diminish the conflict between departments often identified in Step 2 above is applied to increase the effectiveness of the way individuals, teams, and departments work together.

Step 4 Strategy Team: A cross functional strategy team is appointed to track the progress of culture change and to surface emerging issues to be resolved, i.e. improved customer service, improved sales effectiveness, revised overall strategy.

Our experience suggests that Culture Assessments are only valid with extensive and candid input from people at many levels, we “give people a voice.” We actively engage people in the assessment process in order to reduce the skepticism associated with culture assessments completed by outsiders. Our approach creates buy-in and commitment within the company, and lowers resistance both to the assessment and to the organization change to follow.

Download our case study to illuminate the possibilities of Culture Change and Assessment.