Merger and Acquisition Management

“Going in, I would never have thought that we could have made this merger work, especially given the dominance of the acquiring company’s CEO. But we all worked to identify and resolve problems, lead by a CEO who, with our feedback, made dramatic and crucial changes in his behavior.”
Sr. VP Operations of the acquired company

Mergers and acquisitions driven primarily
by economic considerations often fail to attain targeted financial results. In 80% of cases, mergers & acquisitions fail or fail to reach their financial potential due to misunderstandings of

a.) the differences between the cultures of the companies being merged,

b.) the obstacles the cultural differences represent and/or,

c.) the steps required to create a culture to which the merging companies can commit.

People assume the problems associated with mergers and acquisitions are a function of human nature, “where people are involved, problems are inevitable.” We call this the “convenient default.”  We create circumstances where people reach their full potential for working together effectively.  Employing this approach, companies avoid the problems often encountered when acquisitions and mergers are attempted without being effectively managed.

We help executives understand the similarity or dissimilarity between cultures and help them lay the foundation for creating a new culture that all people can take pride in and commit to. We know how to create the circumstances where “human nature” results in people working effectively together rather than destructively and against each other.  We know that human nature is predictable and a function of circumstances. Let us show you how to create the circumstances that result in the best from people, so that the success of the merger is guaranteed.

Merger and acquisition management involves people, and we know people.

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