Leadership Workshops for Executives

“I attended the workshop as part of an EMBA program. On the evening all-to-one feedback and critique are exchanged among team members, I left the workshop frustrated with what I had heard. I returned the next morning and apologized saying that I now understood what people had been trying to tell me for the last ten years. Yes, the EMBA skills will be helpful, but true success will never come without these changes”
-Workshop Participant

Our Leadership Workshop provides 
people with  firsthand experience regarding the fundamentals of effective leadership, building sound relationships and leading effective teams. Leadership Partners’ workshop employs self learning teams where people work together to make a thorough evaluation of prevalent leadership styles and reach agreement on the single most robust and effective style for personal leadership and organization success. Participants are provided with experience in the following areas: Managing Conflict, Efficient Problem Solving, Time Management, Team Building, Open Communication, Change Management and Reaching Inter-department Conflict Resolution.

From the Leadership Workshop and the team learning that takes place, people not only learn about different leadership styles but develop the necessary values and skills to achieve lasting personal and organizational change. They don’t just learn about leadership, they actually change the way they lead.  You can use our Leadership Workshops for executives, top management, mid-management and front line workers.  This set of universal skills applies at all levels.  Sign up for our next workshop!

We offer a range of workshops to client companies on a private basis. These include workshops on Leadership and Organization Excellence, Optimized Customer Service, Impeccable Partnerships, and Creating Incredible Teams.

We are certified as a continuing education credit provider (CPE).

Download our case study to develop insights into effective individual and team leadership, and organization development.