Benefits of Customer Service Improvement

“We worked with Leadership Partners to improve our customer service and our ability to raise and resolve issues at any level and used Six Sigma to identify specific problems and origins.  Tory showed us that we were capable of polling our customers ourselves rather than hiring an independent firm, adding another instance of customer contact illustrating our commitment to clients. Because of our increased internal capabilities and a dedicated workforce, our service department was recently ranked tops of 150 CAT dealerships worldwide.”

Bob Bacon, VP Service, Thompson Tractor

Customers often list the inability to resolve problems in the
moment as their #1 complaint. Therefore, customer service personnel must be able to resolve conflicts and deal with troubles as they occur. While immediate resolution is not always possible, management support and a strong understanding and commitment among the people responsible for customer service enables them to make good decisions at the moment.  The benefits of customer service improvement are extraordinary and include return customers, referrals, and increased profitability.

We build customer service excellence by creating a culture where managers and customer facing personnel know what is expected, know their capabilities and limits of authority and are entrusted accordingly. This allows customer-facing personnel to engage customers in a way that maintains mutual respect, keeps communication open and provides for the immediate resolution of most problems.

Excellent customer service is more than a set of “customer service skills.” Excellent customer service stems from a mutually gratifying and trusting relationship between the company and the customer, whereby difficult issues are resolved at the moment. Let us show you how to create the culture that makes customer service excellence a reality.

Download our case study involving Thompson Tractor where they are among the best in service for all CAT dealers in the world.