Reaching Conflict Resolution

“Consistent misunderstandings with our site contractor put us behind schedule and cost both of us money. Instead of finding solutions we were blaming each other until we brought in Leadership Partners. They helped us understand the root of the problem and solutions for overcoming it.”
Jim Taylor, EVP, Balfour Beatty Constructions

Was the union or management
the cause of failure at General Motors? The real cause was their inability to work effectively together, failure to reach conflict resolution. Cross department conflicts occur in most organizations and often become worse over time. Left unresolved, these conflicts can ultimately affect not just the departments involved but the overall company and the customer, via poor product quality and customer service.  Reaching conflict resolution is vital to overall success.

Often leaders attribute such conflicts to “human nature,” presuming that the conflict cannot be prevented because people are involved. Our experience however, is that under the right circumstances, human nature leads to collaboration and success. Leadership Partners’ proven process brings different departments or individuals together to identify the most effective way of working together, to better understand themselves and each other, and to fully understand how each contributed to the conflict. Ultimately, the individuals or groups create and commit to a charter for moving forward. The charter identifies actions designed to improve the relationships between the parties involved and to better serve the people affected.

Download our case studies to illuminate the possibilities through reaching conflict resolution:

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