Executive and Leadership Coaching

“Leadership Partners’ leadership profiles are the most comprehensive and insightful that I have seen. When combined with custom coaching, their profiles can have a real impact not only on personal development but also on people’s insights into and ability to coach others.”
Mike Harreld, CFO, Georgia Power

Leadership Partners’ Executive and Leadership Coaching
is based on decades of experience with people at all leadership levels. Our coaching is focused on the unique leadership potential of each client and what is required, specifically, to create the most effective relationships and optimize organization environments. Our goal is to help leaders understand and reach their full potential. Many people use the concept of potential loosely, without truly understanding what it means, or what is required to put potential in play. We help people understand specifically what their potential is and specifically what they can do to capitalize on it.

Beginning with a personal development profile designed specifically to identify potential, combined with feedback from critical coworkers, bosses and direct reports, and corporate goals and responsibilities, Leadership Partners work with the client to create custom action plans that ensure personal and company success. Once completed, these plans are shared with the people upon whom the target executive depends and to create a plan to which all affected are fully committed.

Our executive profile and coaching has been acknowledged by several Fortune 50 and top family owned companies as more focused, more understandable, and more useable than the products of the companies known as the best in the coaching and profiling industry.

To obtain an actual sample of an action plan please contact our office via email, Diana@LeadershipPartners.net, or phone 205-870-0031

Download our case studies:

Case Study 1:  Assessment and Coaching at a national insurance company.

Case Study 2:  Assessment and Coaching at an IT Company