Organization Culture Change Measurement

“All of Leadership Partners’ interventions are focused on actions for removing barriers and attaining emerging or pre-identified performance targets including increased productivity and increased profitability as well as increased employee engagement and increased customer satisfaction.”
EVP for one of North America’s top banks

Leadership Partners works closely with clients to implement
benchmarks for measuring the return on their work with individual leaders and on culture change. Our firm consistently delivers measurable results pertaining to both people and productivity. We want organizations to understand the value of working with Leadership Partners and at the inception of our engagements implement integrated measures of performance regarding:

  1. targeted values and performance standards including employee and customer satisfaction, and financial and productivity measures,
  2. the right people in the right places delivering the desired results,
  3. teams that deliver the expected results and set the example for organization excellence,
  4. effective “Culture at the Interface,” – this refers to relationships across units, branches, and teams that deliver increased morale, financials, and productivity,
  5. actionable and aligned performance throughout the company.

We work with companies to create an enhanced performance culture where people are in the right places, where teams are true sources of power, where collaboration across departments and operational units increases effectiveness, and where people are fully engaged, focused, and driven.  And, we implement organization culture change measurement methods to ensure success in the areas identified by our clients.

Download our case study to illuminate the possibilities of Organization and Individual Change Measurement