At Leadership Partners we work with clients medium sized, family run businesses to Fortune 50 companies. Our clients are looking for change– in one employee, one team or the entire organization.

Our clients share our core belief in people, the need for openness and the desire to create an environment that allows people individually and collectively to maximize their potential and significantly increase their commitment to the company, achieving in every case measurable increases in employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, productivity and financial results. Because our focus is on both people and results, we consistently deliver increases in employee and customer satisfaction as well as in financial and other productivity measures.

We believe in people and in their innate ability to make things work and their need to succeed. Our approach is to provide them with the information to make the best decisions on strategy, leadership style and company culture. We are self convincing rather than prescriptive in approach. Therefore, companies, with our help, develop their own actions and make their own assessments. Because people at many levels have input into the assessment and the actions to be taken there is far less resistance than when change is top down or consultant led.

See case studies for examples of what we have been able to consistently accomplish with clients using this approach.