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Respect and Courage: Executive Development

Why are Respect and Courage the cornerstone of exceptional business practice?  You might assume that other values are more suited for successful business.  Things like drive, risk, motivation, imagination, honesty, planning, training, implementation, direction, expertise.  Here comes that word… BUT.  The list of attributes is desirable, even necessary, BUT they are not the core of exceptional business.  Exceptional leaders and organizations realize there must be a balance between Respect and Courage to maneuver all barriers to success and provide an extraordinary impact.

Respect refers to both a respect for the organization and the individual.  Balancing a respect for these two pieces will lean further one way than the other depending on the situation, but a balance is required.

Courage refers to both the courage to step out on the limb searching for those exceptional results and the courage to confront people when we might not want to… but with respect.  Often times we are quiet when we should speak, silence is interpreted as agreement or consent, depending on the situation.

Using the guidelines we lay out in Resolving the Brutus Dilemma individuals can raise their interactions with each other and impact the overall organization in an exceptional way… profitability, employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction, growth.

It leaves the questions, are you using courage and respect in your organization in the most effective way?  With executive development you can raise the bar, find the balance, be the role model others need to find the courage and respect within themselves.

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