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Leadership: The Benefit and Price of Open Communcation

Initially most people focus on the price to be paid for open communication, leaders especially.  Leaders and people focus on the additional time required to listen to others fully, to get things into the open, for reaching conflict resolution.  When compared with having others do just what leaders say it is certainly less time efficient.  However, once people adapt to open, specific exchanges and the candor level associated with the exchanges rises then people can engage each other about wasted time, the need to move ahead.  When communication gets to this point the benefits of open and honest exchanges begin to be realized.

These benefits are:

  • getting a variety of ideas into the open,
  • having those ideas quickly evaluated for relevance and contribution,
  • elevating the quality of decisions based on the variety of opinions that are offered,
  • reaching conflict resolution that is sustainable rather than temporary, and
  • elevating the level of commitment within the group to the decisions that are made.

As is the case with everything, if we are willing to pay the price early in terms of the frustrations associated with distractions or taking a little longer than in the past, people benefit from this sort of open exchange by having a greater pool of ideas, by greater levels of commitment and ultimately by achieving far better, higher quality decisions.  Regrettably, few people have the insights, the patience and dedication to excellence to achieve this sort of decision making quality.

Open communication is something that people intuitively know is right, but most lack the discipline as the demands for immediate results are so great that we override our own intuition.  We lack the courage to bridge the faith gap, lack the faith in ourselves and our instincts. Few people have the commitment to excellence to pursue decision making in this way and there are many pressures for short term results so as to easy  justify not pursuing open communication.  This is where leadership comes into play.

All that is necessary to overcome people’s reluctance to invest the time is a set of skills and an understanding of how instincts and the pressures to rush decisions operate in those circumstances.  These skills and insights are our specialty.  Contact us!

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