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Impact of Customer Service: What does it say about your company?

Customer Service is to a organization as eyes are to an individual.  Customer Service is a view into the soul of your organization, a snapshot of the way management relates to the individuals they employee.  We hold that customer service representatives (CSR) reflect their organizations treatment of the employees.  Great customer service is a reflection of respect and trust placed in the employees hands by management.  CSR who are free to actually resolve problems must be treated with respect as they are given some authority.

“I will have to check with my manager” or “That’s not what we do” are statements of lack of faith by the managers.  Is this due to a general belief that their employees are not qualified?  Is this because the CSR have not been completely trained?  Is this because management wants total control?  There are any number of questions that can be asked, but the bottom line is that management does not believe the CSR can/will handle the situation in an acceptable way.

Given respect, CSR are capable of effectively resolving any issue in a way that is acceptable to the customer and the organization.  Why doesn’t this happen more often?  Courage and Respect.  Managers must have respect for the individuals they employee and the CSR must have respect for the organization and the customer.

Now courage, CSR must have the courage to face customers with confidence.  CSR must also have the courage to face co-workers in an effort to resolve the issue.  If Bob didn’t do something correctly while creating this custom widget, Bob should be given the opportunity to correct the problem as well as prevent the problem from reoccuring.  All issues should also reflect respect.

What are the benefits of Customer Service Improvement?  The list is long and detailed, but the short version is:

happy customers = return customers

return customers = higher profitability

Check out our white paper on the benefits of customer service improvement.

Now for the fun part.  Watch the video.  I can’t tell you how often I have felt like this was happening to me!

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