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Expanding the Way We Communicate

They say that our brains are able to continuously grow and expand, regardless of age.  Challenging ourself by expanding the way we communicate with each other, be it in person or in the electronic realm builds ability, actually changes our brain.  Developing new talent expands our capability.  Just like lifting weights changes our muscles.

I am challenging that assumption by advancing my knowledge of electronic communications.  I am repeating procedures, but the time between the repititions might be too great.  I imagine if I repeat the procedure daily I would more quickly build the synapsis.  Right now it’s once a week.  But I am working on it.

Have a question you want answered?  You now have many ways to contact us.  Good old telephone (my favorite), email, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Skype and US Postal Service.  Now, I am not sure how quickly I will respond.  It took me like 10 rings to answer Skype the other day.  Be patient, I will figure out which button to hit!

Call me, I am up for the challenge!

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