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Defining Company Culture: Unlock the Potential of Your Employees

Defining company culture is a notion that seems to intimidate some folks.  So how do you define company defining company cultureculture?  Simply put, culture is “the way we do things around here.”  Great, we defined it, now what?

Identify your workplace.  Is it comfortable, a place where you are encouraged to have an idea and opinions?  Is it tense, what the boss says is the only thing that matters?  Maybe it is somewhere in the middle.

Now, determine what you think would be an ideal, a place you would be most comfortable.  Imagine a workplace where regardless of your title, you felt no just free to but expected to speak up at meetings or in the halls.  A workplace where you are encouraged to make suggestions, point out barriers and participate in decisions.

This is what we believe holds the power to unlock an organization’s potential, the relationships between people.  You simply unlock the potential of your employees.

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