After 2 years of diligent research, proof reading and market testing our book, The Brutus Dilemma and Betrayal In the Workplace, is ready for release.  If you would like a copy, email Diana with your contact and credit card information… or order by phone at 205-870-0031 between 9 am and 4 pm CST.

We have invited trusted clients and colleagues to preview and comment on the book.  Below are a few quotes.

“Finally, a book has been written that not only has the courage and candor to print what actually takes place in the workplace, but offers sensible solutions in changing individual and team behavior in speaking the truth.”

-Larry Drawdy, former Superintendent Biloxi Public Schools

“If you have ever been caught between two co-workers who don’t communicate with each other and instead come to you OR wonder why someone doesn’t come to you with concerns instead of talking to someone else, this book will provide you insights and solutions.

-Chris Calos, VP Distribution Guardian Life Insurance Company

“Louis Gerstner, former CEO of IBM, once said, ‘Culture is everything.’ Herring and McQueen show us how to create cultures where trust replaces fear and high performance replaces mediocrity.”

-Mike Archer, President Applebee’s Services, Inc.

“An extraordinary book.  Talking about rather than with others is a deeply troubling form of betrayal that can be devastating to organizations and society.  Given its prevalence, this betrayal is commonly attributed to flawed human nature.  Herring and McQueen expose this myth and offer effective tools to resolve the dilemma and avoid its destructive force.”

-Bill Mayo, retired executive, CAT International

“In his book, The Speed of Trust, Stephen M.R. Covey explores the importance of trust.  In The Brutus Dilemma, authors Tory Herring and Doug McQueen provide proven tools for achieving this ‘deep’ trust.

-Jim Taylor, Division President, Balfour Beatty Construction

“Amazing.  I have read 100′s of business books.  None addressed this ‘elephant’ in the room.  Only be eliminating betrayal can the trust necessary for success be established.”

-Larry Rinehart, retired VP Southern Progress Corporation

“Incredible.  Everyone is aware of this problem but no one knows what do to about it.  Herring and McQueen give us the answers.”

-Sr. Partner, top executive development firm