Tory Herring, Psy.D., Ph.D., CEO

Tory HerringIn loving memory:  Tory Herring 1948-2015

As CEO of Leadership Partners since 2000, Tory is actively engaged in the development of the firm’s profiling, coaching, and organization development products, and its publications on topics related to generational leadership, the factors underlying leadership and organization success, and the psychological variables that affect individual and organization dynamics and performance. To stay focused and humble, as well as to have fun, he is active in the Porsche club racing series where he is a consistent podium finisher and drove with a Pro-Racing team in the 2006 Daytona 24 Hours Race.

Dr. Herring studied architecture and played football on scholarship at Georgia Tech before being drafted in 1969. In Vietnam, he flew with the 1st of the 9th Squadron of the 1st Air Cavalry Division, the unit featured in the movie Apocalypse Now. He was awarded Bronze Stars for Valor and Merit, 60 Air Medals, and the Soldiers Medal and was nominated for the Distinguished Flying Cross and Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry with Gold Palm.

On returning to the US, he entered Auburn University completing an undergraduate degree in Psychology in 1975 and a Master’s of Science in 1976. Having finished his undergraduate and master’s degrees, Tory continued his education to include two doctorate degrees. His first is a Doctorate of Philosophy (1985) in Behavioral Psychology, and his second is a Doctorate of Psychology (1986) in the clinical assessment and intervention of groups and individuals.

Two doctoral degrees in individual and group behavior and dynamics, and his exposure to the great minds Robert Blake and Jane Mouton and their thinking on individual and organization behavior, mean he possesses a unique perspective with which to view the literature over the last 50 years on leadership and organization success.  Dr. Herring has chosen to concentrate on leading organization culture change, executive talent development, executive profiling and assessment and leadership skill management.

Having grown up as a football player and having flown helicopters in Vietnam and having currently raced sports cars, and the associated humility with these activities, provides a realistic perspective on life and the capacity for relating to people at all levels with immediate credibility and sincerity. “I have had many people give me a second chance and contribute to my success and want to do the same for others.”