Patrick Small

Patrick SmallPatrick Small has over 20 years experience in corporate merger and acquisitions, complex financial transactions as well as a varied and impressive experience acting as in a CEO capacity for businesses either in turnaround or growth stages. From this experience, Patrick fully understands the need for quantifiable financial returns on broad based company investments as well as the appropriate metrics for company valuation.

A mechanical engineer, Patrick also holds two business finance degrees from the University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, where he was also a pitcher on the baseball team. As is noted from his athletics and stint as a Porsche race car driver, Patrick is driven and highly competitive. He uses these attributes to create a manageable pace and sense of urgency within the organizations for which we work.

Patrick and Tory first met through high performance race car driving. As mentioned above, Patrick has acquired and built companies using the principles of leadership and organization dynamics upon which our firm is founded. This unique insight has led to our customers more quickly enhancing the performance and values of their companies while strengthening the unity and cohesion of all workforces. Patrick has learned and effectively applied the ideal that creating a culture where performance is driven by everyone in a company results in improved employee and customer satisfaction, improved efficiency and communication as well as far greater financial returns.

This dimension allows Leadership Partners the unique advantage of offering insight into practical application of theory from the owner, manager and employee’s perspectives when undertaking organizational development and culture change implementation.

Patrick is energetic and focused, but possesses the intuitions and instincts for making organization dynamics yield high returns. Small has written several articles on corporate excellence including “We Don’t Want Your Business” and “Absolute Growth During a Receding Market.” Small has also acted as a motivational speaker for several large multinational companies looking to unify and energize their management teams and sales forces.

Skype:  Patrick.J.Small

Cell phone:  205-873-2110

Office phone: 205-870-0031