Lucean Headen, Senior Partner, Profiling

Lucean HeadenLucean has been a part of the Leadership Partners team since its formation. He developed the firm’s individual and team profiling and coaching that stems from the 20 year research project at Cambridge regarding what makes teams succeed or fail. From that research, Lucean developed an individual profile which is also validated to predict the likelihood of individual success and failure. He created a proprietary data base against which the profiles of some 25, 000 top level executives have been compared. This standard sample of 25,000 worldwide, top level executives is used in helping the firm understand the relative potential as well as specific potential of all of the firm’s individual leader and coaching customers. Lucean is extraordinarily quiet, brilliant and perceptive. His strength lies in executive profiling and assessment, executive talent development.  Though he consistently undersells himself, everyone he works with finds exceptional value.

Lucean studied for a degree in Occupational Psychology and undertook post graduate research into selection procedures. He then joined a team of consultant psychologists based in London who specialized in the use of psychometrics for selection, development and career counselling. In the 1970’s he held a number of appointments within the Personnel Management field in manufacturing and retail organizations.

In 1986 he recruited and headed a team of psychologists advising companies on the selection of Senior Executives and Managers. He also tutored on a number of programs training H.R and other managers to use a range of ability and personality measures. In 1994 he joined Development Associates Ltd, a part of Deloitte & Touche assessing individual potential and undertaking executive assessments and selection assignments for top Management appointments.

Lucean lives in the United Kingdom and is our Western European partner.