Doug McQueen, leading organization culture change, Senior Partner

Doug McQueenIn loving memory of Doug, 1945-2015

Doug McQueen, specializing in leading organization culture change, is a modern day Will Rogers and an uncommonly accomplished organization and leadership development consultant having himself run the training departments for two Fortune 100 companies. At Leadership Partners, Doug consults on all current engagements concerning leading organization culture change and strategy to help all partners and clients position our collaborative interventions so as to maximize results. He either leads or co-leads all efforts of this sort and is always in the background. Together, Doug and Tory are developing many new ideas and approaches to both leadership and organization success which are published with many magazines and which will culminate in groundbreaking research on leadership and organization success to be published in the middle of 2010.

Doug is presently an adjunct professor and consultant for leadership development at the University of Mississippi, while also working full time for Leadership Partners. His career path has included serving as a leadership consultant having personally worked with Robert Blake and Jane Mouton, two of the most well recognized organization development researchers in the twentieth century. He also has experience in school administration, as a utility company executive, and a university professor.

His experiences include:

  • Co-author of the School Administrator Grid Management Program
  • Developed standard training curriculum, training, and consolidate all organization development and leadership training into one department at Central and South West Corporation and served as Director of Training.
  • Led program for leadership development and succession planning at American Electric Power Company.
  • Leadership and strategy consultant for school districts in Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina and North Carolina and chambers of commerce in West Virginia, Mississippi, and Texas.
  • Co-author with Tory Herring on numerous magazine articles regarding different views on generation Y and implications for organization culture, and other topics including candor, the use of critique, and creating organization cultures where employee and customer satisfaction, and productivity and profitability are increased. Co-author of book Bossholes: Bosses Behaving Badly.