Cheryl Chapman, Coaching Senior Partner

Cheryl worked in a senior executive office specializing in communication for 15 years. In this capacity she worked to develop executives and was involved in the coaching process of senior executives in some of the most accomplished and celebrated organizations in North America. Furthermore, she has worked directly with Robert Blake and has therefore developed a full understanding of their approach to organization dynamics and success. She applies a wealth of financial, business, and leadership experience to her consulting practice. She also worked with the leadership, teambuilding, and conflict resolution tools of Scientific Methods Inc. as the content editor for three of the organizations major texts: The Power to Change, Team Dynamics, and The Power to Change HealthCare.

In addition to being our senior partner in coaching, Cheryl is also well qualified to conduct organization culture change. She is currently a certified coach instructor, conducting coaching workshops worldwide. She and Lucean Headen, our senior profiling partner, are further developing our coaching process which has been called by many senior executives the most useful and comprehensible they have experienced. Also, she is working with Lucean to publish a coaching development workbook and with Tory to revise and update an earlier publication on coaching and mentoring.

Cheryl resides in Vancouver, British Columbia and is our Northwest North American partner. She is extraordinarily perceptive and very diplomatic in the way that she confronts coaching clients with the truth. She holds up a mirror into which people can see themselves for the impact they have rather than what they intend and in a way that provides the safety and support so that people can accept the truth and work on areas of needed improvement. We believe that you cannot get where you are going unless you know where you start. Cheryl is great at identifying the beginning point, the end point, and the plan to get there.